Designed to Sell

Over 81% of buyers find it "easier to visualize the property as their future home" when it's staged.

*National Association of Realtors

2015 Profile of Home Staging Report

We partner with homeowners and real estate professionals to redesign properties throughout the Houston area.  Our design expertise enables us to create beautiful, functional spaces by adding new design elements or highlighting existing furnishings.  Designing a home to sell is more than just decluttering, it is create an inviting feeling that will engage and inspire your potential buyers. A professionally staged home has been proven to have a distinct advantage over other homes in their market and typically sells at a higher price.

Our Services

Design & Staging Consultation

Room by room design plan to ensure the property appeals to a wide range of potential buyers.


Restyle Day

We come in and may rearrange your furnishings to create better room flow.  We may rehang art, move lighting from one space to another, edit down or add to your existing collections.  We will increase your property appeal in just one day.

2 hours.....$300

4 hours.....$575

6 hours.....$850

Vacant Home Staging

We work with homeowners and real estate professionals to create a staging plan to highlight the home's assets and appeal to the target demographic. 

Designed To Sell Works

  • Look better than other homes on the market

  • Spend 73% less time on the market

  • Typically sell for more money

  • Look better in print and internet ads

  • Receive more foot traffic

  • Be seen as "move-in ready"

  • Be viewed as "well-maintained"

  • Less buyer concessions 

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