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How To Choose A Paint Color In 5 Easy Steps

Here are a few tips on how to choose a paint color.

#1 Choose Your Paint Last

That's right! I said choose your paint color last. I know your walls cover the most square footage of your space and have such a profound impact on how the room feels that you naturally gravitate to that first. Just think, when you go the home store how many choices do you have in comforters? Quite a few I supposed but compare that number to amount of paint swatches at your local paint store. It only makes sense to choose the item with the options then progress toward the item with endless options. Selecting your furniture, fabrics and pillows first will also helps narrow down the overwhelming amount of paint options.

#2 Ignore The Name

Don't get caught up in the marketing! Imagine you are trying to create a cool, relaxing retreat for you bedroom and you know you want blue walls. You head off to the paint store to grab a few samples and what do you choose? Seabreeze Blue, Summer Sky, Babbling Brook....sounds good right? The next thing you know you have 8 swatches on the wall and none of them are right. I know it is tempting, I even had to fight my own instincts not to select Caviar Black for my own front door...I do love luxurious things! Stay strong my friend.

#3 Think Gray

One of the biggest mistakes homeowner make when selecting a paint color is that they choose a color that is too bright. We've all been to that house that wanted golden walls and it ended up looking like sunshine yellow. Alway look for colors with more gray or muddier versions of the color tone. This will ensure a softer more pleasing palette.

#4 Consider Your Whole Home

It is fun to give each room a personality but please don't paint every room a different color! Consider your home as a whole and think about how the paint transitions from one room to the next. Keep open areas cohesive by painting them the same color.

#5 Study Up On The Psychology Of Color

Studying is sooo boring right? Not in this case. Color has profound effects on our emotions and mood. For example red is the color of love so it makes sense to paint your bedroom walls red, except red tends to create feelings of excitement or even anger. If you are trying to create that relaxing feel in your bedroom you may want to look at green. It is a calming color...hence the name "green room" as the waiting room for television show guests. Do you research before you pick up the paint brush.


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