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Black & White Checkerboard Floors

There isn't anything quite as classic as a black and white checkerboard floor. Since the beginning of recorded history this flooring style has made its mark on design. Like yin and yang it is balanced in color and pattern. Here is a quick history on the iconic style that has stood the test of time.

1st Century

Archeologist have discovered black and white tile flooring in the ruins of a 2000 year old villa outside of Rome.

15th Century

Black and white checkerboard floors started appearing in Renaissance paintings.

17th Century

Louis XIV's architect used the classic pattern in the Queen's Staircase at Versailles.

Mid-18th Century

Neo-classical architect, Robert Adam added a Greek key detail to the checkerboard floor at Syon Park.

Early to Mid-20th Century

With the invention of linoleum, the black and white pattern could be found in homes across America. It was primarily used in the kitchen because is was a cost effective and easy to clean material.

21st Century

The black and white checkerboard pattern in marble is a popular choice for foyers and bathrooms in today's designs.

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