• Karen Dorsey

5 Simple Tips To Update Your Bathroom

1. Paint: Painting the walls and/or cabinets is a relatively inexpensive way to update the look of your bathroom. It is also a great way to add little color to a drab space. So grab your paint swatches and get to choosing (or call me for a design + color consultation...I'd love to help).

Casual Luxe Tip: When selecting colors always lean toward gray versions of your color choice.

2. Hardware: Changing out your bathroom hardware can add personality to the space. You'll be surprised what towel bars, toilet paper holders and cabinet knobs can do to a bathroom.

Casual Luxe Tip: Are you sleek and modern? Then choose polished chrome with straight lines. Are you old world traditional? Then choose aged bronze with decorative detailing.

3. Linens: This one is easy. Next time you are out grab some new towels.

Casual Luxe Tip: Have your towels monogrammed. While your at it, add your bathrobe monogrammed too!

4. Soap: Toss out the bottle of Dial and replace it with a beautiful soap dispenser or dish. Selecting a soap color that is complimentary to your bathroom colors is a nice touch.

Casual Luxe Tip: Make your guests feel like they are in a luxury hotel by adding a dish filled with a sugar or salt scrub to your guest bathroom. Don't forget to toss in a decorative spoon.

5. Trays: Adding a tray to your bathroom countertop is a smart solution for countertop clutter. It keeps your toiletries reigned in to a single location as well as great place to display your perfume bottles.

Casual Luxe Tip: Trays are also useful to hold folded hand towels like the image above.

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