• Karen Dorsey

Transitional Design

Although I create all types of design styles, I seem to have settled into the niche of transitional design. What is transitional design you ask? ⁠

Transitional design is the blending of traditional and modern element in a way that creates a cohesive, timeless design. It is built on the concept that a space should be both refined and comfortable. Here are a few elements you will see in transitional design:⁠

-neutral color schemes⁠

-colorful accessories⁠

-limited accessories⁠

-focus on comfort⁠

-large scale patterns⁠

-layering of textured finishes⁠

-mixed metal tones⁠


-simple lines⁠

-traditional statement pieces⁠

-contemporary art⁠

Transitional design is best summed up with the description understated sophistication. It has become a popular style as it allows you to integrate heirloom pieces with more up to date finishes and less clutter. ⁠

If you are ready to give your home a fresh, transitional update give me a shout!⁠

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